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Plugging the Gaps in Healthcare Delivery

Smart, Simple Solutions


Recent advancements in video over IP technology provide incredible opportunities for innovation in patient management.  Weartech now has the ability to put their doctor in their home. Using video over IP, doctors have the ability to improve on patient monitoring thereby decreasing the risk of health complications.


The health-coaching model takes a different approach to information-gathering. It seeks to understand the social context underlying the physical issue. It probes the total well-being of the patient to learn what is happening in the patient's life that could be contributing to his or her physical illness.


Enhancing the ability to share information between patients and providers affords both parties an opportunity for on-going, informative, and supportive dialogue. mHealth apps can facilitate increased provider-patient engagement and self-care support both inside and outside the clinical setting.

The technology of wearables is not the device but the data it produces. With the advent of wearable devices come a slew of 'Quantified Self'. We interpret the data being integrated and aggregate into meaningful context. For example, steps, calories consumed, and deep sleep have to be contextualized to allow for better interpretation, better use, and move towards providing a predictive capacity. Weartech is part of the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program that integrates the power of Watson to our data analytics.
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