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Hacking One's Health is the ultimate feat in Engineering. That goal is what we're trying to achieve.


Co-Founder and CEO Michael Trzecieski is a Robotic Toy designer with a degree in Physics Engineering. With that vast experience, he now develops easy-to-use connected home health devices. Michael is your regular genius with multiple patents under his belt.  

Healthcare is more economics than your Well Being. We're changing that.


Co-Founder and Business Development Deo Dumaraos has 12 years experience in Healthcare Industry, from Pharmaceutical to HMO. The single biggest influence of the success of his HMO was changing the mindset of members to constantly utilise their access, even when they feel fine, thereby constantly monitoring their health.  


Dr. Cory Kidd's experience lies in consumer healthcare applications of new technologies, with expertise in developing simple interfaces to complex systems and the application of healthcare technologies to everyday life.


MaRS is a non-profit innovation centre connecting and fostering collaboration among the communities of business, capital, and technology and social entrepreneurs.

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