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5 Simple Tips to Nail Your Weight Loss

#1 Do Not Skip Breakfast

Fact: Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day.

"Break the fast" from the long hours of sleep of without eating. You need enough energy to start your day. Skipping breakfast could mean disaster when hunger pangs strike. You will end up reaching for that empty calorie, sugary food to compensate your energy needs.

#2 Keep Moving

Fact: An average of 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise most days of the week boosts metabolism.

If you cannot have that 30-minutes in one exercise, divide it within the day. As long as your moving. Walk the dog for their poopsy time. Take the stairs instead of riding elevator going to your office desk. Park at the far end of the grocery store. Strut it!

#3 Have a Light Dinner

Fact: Dinner is a must because it fills in the gap between your last meal and the first meal of the next day which prevents nausea, acidity and disturbance to sleep.

Why go light? Practically, when you're awake you burn more calories compared when you're sleeping. Excess calories tend to be stored as fat. Nobody wants that!

#4 Sleep More, Weigh Less!

Fact: Lack of sleep impacts your hunger and fullness hormones.

Most people need 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Anything less than that could affect your weight loss battle. Lack of sleep means getting tired and hungry easily. Your brain could lead you making bad decisions because of its rev'ed up "feel good center". You might not be able to say no to that second slice of cake.

#5 Want More Tips??

Fact: Losing weight should not be seasonal. Maintaining the right weight is the new trend!

Looking good because you fit on those body-con dresses and bum fitting tight jeans is just secondary to the most important benefit of weight loss and maintaining the right weight. Your HEALTH. Your habits and lifestyle play a significant role with how you weigh. Long term change will give you so much more benefits than getting into shape "seasonally". Try our latest Health and Wellness Innovation: Ask FRED by Weartech Inc.

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