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Problem worth Solving

Patient management is increasingly becoming a challenge for doctors due to external factors such as metropolis’ worsening traffic problem, the rise of ‘google medicine’, interference of HMO/insurance coverage, etc. Because of these, 50% of patients put-off seeing their doctors according to DOH, medicine adherence sharply declines over time, HMO/Insurance coverage disregards preventive tests.



Increase Patient engagement

Patient engagement can have big benefits for your practice and your patients: better communication, better care, and better outcomes. dok360 shares the information your patients log - making it a powerful tool to help you get there.

Connect with your patients

dok360 is a web-based personal health record to log, store & maintain health information and share with their doctors to better manage their health. With video and chat functionality, your patients are just a click away.

Track patients' health in real-time

See your patients’ real time vitals such as blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, etc. the system has the ability to notify you for any out-of-range readings. 

Order Services online

Schedule an on-location specimen draw, and get notified when the results are in.

E-prescription is also available where meds are delivered and pre-sorted for better adherence.

Collaborate with peers

We understand that the practice of medicine is hard enough, so we created a tool for medical professionals to collaborate with their peers to provide the best quality of care to their patients. 

Get compensated for services rendered

Whether your patient sought consult through video, chat, or voice:  dok360 will process payment of your prevailing rate with patients' HMO/Insurance

survey says...

60% of respondents self-medicate

82% does not comply with follow-up visits

57% communicates with their doctor through text

77% of female respondents keep a

record of their clinic visits

Talk to us

For a brief 15 minute coffee break, we can tell you how dok360 can increase patient encounters and improve your clinic practice revenue stream. 

Thank you. You'll hear from us soon.

dok360 will initially launch exclusively for PH doctors
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